Whimsical Bohemian Styled Shoot in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This Bohemian Styled Shoot was my very first shoot I put together. I’ve always been inspired by nature. The sound of the wind through the trees, the touch of the grass on my bare feet and the feeling of being free. I tried to accomplish a light, airy/whimsical feel. I find it has a look that will always be fresh and timeless. I try to incorporate this look throughout my brand.

Being my first styled shoot I was extremely nervous to put my ideas into art. With the help of other fellow creatives, I gained the courage to share my inspiration.

Working with these vendors was awesome. Even though it was a small shoot I feel like the vision came through perfectly. We found this location by accident. Jordan and I were driving along the highway and we came across a clearing, Tall grass and a beautiful golden sunset. Since we found the location I often return to this spot for hikes and just to listen. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Photographer: Leslie Estelle Photography

Jewelry: Locusart Jewellery

Florals: The Flower Shop

Dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe


Hair being done Hair prep for styled shoot Beachy waves Final touches Makeup Application Dressing up Pinned up Finished Bride Detail Oriented Earthy wedding rings Whimsical bouquet Bohemian Bouquet Rustic Adding the final touches

Couldn’t ask for more beautiful lighting.

Offset bride Sunset portrait Windswept Bride Gentle breeze Walk in the meadow Beautiful Bouquet Graceful Bride Earthy Wedding ring and bouquet

It’s called golden hour for a reason.

Sunbeam bouquet Barefoot Bride Barefoot Bridal Sunset Harsh Sun Black and White Wingswept Dangling bouquet Dirty boots and messy hair Nature Bridal Train Cozy bride Sun Soaked Rustic boho bouquet Golden hour sunset White wave Arms wrapped around each other Beautiful dress train Timeless romance Smokey bridal pose


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