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Hey Everyone!

My name is Leslie and I am a first time blogger. My blog is here to give you an inside look of the work I do, the people I meet and the experiences that come my way. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, specializing in Bohemian weddings. I am based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada but available to travel worldwide. As a wedding photographer I come across a lot of amazing people that have an impact on my life. In return I love sharing their story for the world to see. I’m also going to be sharing my adventures a long the way. At times things get a little silly (most of the time because of over tiredness) but I always embrace it.

I will also be posting features of my fellows entrepreneurs. I strongly believe in Community over Competition. If we help each other grow, then we will grow together. This is a  saying I will take with me, throughout my journey but also pass along to others.

I have been working on this blog for 2 years. I’ve never had to courage or confidence to actually launch it. I’ve always been afraid of what people might think of me, if I put myself or my work out there… BUT with the help of family, friends and fellow entrepreneurs, I’ve decided to take on this new chapter, one blog post at a time.

So just to give you a heads up…. yes there will be spelling mistakes, vulnerable moments and surprises, but I’m excited for this new journey and I hope you will share it with me.

-Until next time

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